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Made in USA Motor Run Capacitors

November 1st, 2012

Nueva Generacion Manufacturas S.A. De C.V.(NG) a leader in the production of AC motor run and motor start capacitors, announces their wholly owned subsidiary, Barker MicroFardas (BMI) has begun production of motor run capacitors in their Hillsville, Virginia facility.


BMI, has long been a quality producer of AC motor start capacitors since 1990 when they purchased the line from Sprague Electric. NG purchased BMI in 2004. BMI specializes in running small lot sizes and short lead time requirements. Due to their expertise in the construction of capacitors, NG feels that the manufacturing of motor run capacitors in that plant is a natural progression.


In the coming months NG will be expanding the BMI facility’s capacity and will begin marketing their services. NG feels that this plant will be an excellent resource for anyone using motor run capacitors in their production. The BMI line will be capable of building parts quickly to cover short lead time requirements due to shifts in demand or model needs that our competitors have a hard time filling.


Enrique Sanchez, Jr., General Manager of NG states “Our customers have informed us that the need for capacitors made in the U.S. is significant enough to warrant the required expenditure. In addition, we have structured the facility to be able to answer short lead time requirements and smaller lot sizes that our NG facility has a hard time filling”.


If your company has some short lead time requirements or requires a U.S. assembled motor run or motor start capacitor, please feel free to contact Ken Gunn at Phone (276) 728-9121 ext. 213, Fax (276) 728-9144, or email